Team Building

Corporate Team Building

The steam tug William C Daldy offers an unrivaled setting for company and corporate team building. By their very nature, steam ships are engaging and enlivening. Add to that the close teamwork it takes to operate this majestic vessel, and your group is in for an experience of a lifetime. Bring your teams together and help them develop essential business skills while steaming around the beautiful Hauraki Gulf and its islands.

Here is your chance to actively engage your teams in an intensive day of experiential teambuilding they will never forget. Or, treat them to an unforgettable off-site retreat cruising, eating and drinking on Aucklands’ beautiful harbour. flying bridge You’ll go far beyond other conventional team building activities. Instead, our team building exercises focus on working together in groups in an extremely dynamic and demanding environment, with constantly changing forces requiring you to think and act in advance.

It’s definitely challenging, but at the end of the day, you’ll be a better team player for it. So, you may ask, what does all this have to do with steamships and navigation? a steam ship is a wonderful teaching analogy. The vessel responds to a myriad of influences and behaves accordingly without hesitation, reservation, fear, manipulation, or judgment. If you will stop and listen, a boat will easily and effortlessly teach. engine room throttle The analogy’s applicability to organizational and business environs often astounds participants.

wheelhouse We know how to get people to think differently about leadership. We provide them with a multi-sensory, experiential, and intuitive learning experience that consistently receives high marks. At a minimum, every participant will take away some good ideas. Commonly, the vast majority of the participants leave excited, challenged, committed to new approaches, possessing some new tools and models, and quite often wanting more. Whether for corporate entertainment or team building there are few experiences that will top this one! Some of the exercises we will work upon are on the ship, where to successfully operate the vessel the team will need to work together and support each other. The team will enjoy a fantastic interactive event that will instill a high degree of trust and inter-reliability directly transferable to the work place.

firing the boilers On board the W C Daldy, we realise that not every group wants or needs an intense, results-focused program and that sometimes just spending time together doing something fun and new – “bonding” – can be beneficial. We also know that teams seeking to “reach the next level” can not do so without custom-designed and professionally-facilitated programs. To that end, we offer two types of events on board W C Daldy “Team-building” and “Team-bonding”.

Our Teambuilding Exercises will help you:
  • Build rapport and strengthen relationships throughout the team
  • Cultivate excellent communication while building trust
  • Share risk-taking activities in a safe yet challenging environment
  • Develop leadership skills in everyone
All Corporate Teambuilding Programs & Events:
  • Are completely customizable and are available in 3 hour to full day events.
  • Have experienced captain and crew aboard the tug
  • Are appropriate for guests of any level